For each item you sell, be sure to post quality pictures that display both the overall look of your item as well as its close-up details. Since you're doing your own photography, your listings shouldn't include stock images, screenshots from retail, or any other copyrighted image you don't own or have permission to use. Plus, as a result of publishing only photos of the actual item, you can avoid a potential misrepresentation claim from the buyer. There's space for up to 12 photos per listing, so you have opportunities to show the interior and exterior, along with each angle and corner, hemline and tag, toe and heel. The better the photo quality, the higher chances of your item selling. 

Here are a few guidelines for photos -

1- Good Lighting - Make sure you have good natural light when taking your photos.

2- Own Photos - Use pictures that show you wearing/using the item. Real photos help the buyer visualize themselves wearing/using the item. If you can, share photos from your wedding day showing the item being worn or used. Do not use stock photos or photos found online as it might be copyright infringement.

3 - Clean Pictures & Clutter-Free - Declutter as much as possible when taking photos of the item. Clear the background and only take a photo os one item at a time. For example do not have two dresses in one photo.

4 - High Quality Photos - Do not use screenshots; rather use the original photos that are of high quality.

5 - Show All the Details - You can post up to 12 photos. Try to show every detail, blemish, stain, damage that would be important for the buyer to know prior to purchase.